Theme of Melting Pot (2011 Remaster)

by Melting Pot

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This became one of the best song by me. Many people told me that they love this song, and so much surprised at. Because I was a cheesy electro house deejay then, they didn’t realize that I can write scores, arrangement, playing instruments etc... I guess I spent over a month to finish this recording. I still remember so much of this song. This song comes from “Firecracker” by Martin Denny. One night in 2007, I was playing the song on the piano. But, then, one crazy old men disturbs my time. It was such an awful moment. That’s why I tried to find how I counter his unreasonable matters. That was to play the song more harder and louder. I played it very quickly and used some dissonances. I guess I repeated playing the song over an hour. Every time I played it, I tried changing some melody lines and chords. Then, I could make an composition. This is how the thing happened. I was a bit surprised at Atsushi Degawa’s quote, “I thought it’s an homage to Kenji Ozawa’s song, included on the album.” ... I never thought of the song then, but exactly, the melody line is very close... Ah, I need to mention that the arrangement is inspired from Van Dyke Parks. I saw his performance in July, 2007. :)
For this issue, I prepared a new version. It’s not the new interpretation nor renovation by me. The aim is to mix more accurately and reduce unnecessary noises. Never add any sounds. Never deduct any from the original multi-data. Re-mixing was extremely difficult. The new mix was inspired so much from “A Long Vacation by Eiichi Ohtaki” , 2011 remastered edition. (2011)




released September 11, 2007
Produced, Written and Arranged by Melting Pot
Recorded and Mixed by Kota Suzuki at 2kai Booth, Summer 2007. / V’s HotSpot, Summer 2007.
Kota Suzuki (Synthesizer Programming, Sound Prog, Electronics, All Instruments)
V (Additional Instruments, Sound Prog. )
Remix Productions and Mastering by Kota Suzuki at 2kai Booth, 2011 February - April.
Pro-Tools Production Assistance by bD and His Crew




2kai Productions 東京都, Japan

-DJ .Kota
-Atsushi Degawa (Ade)
-DJ snake
- Kenkoukotsu
-DJ Visual Wide. (Yuu Hiyama)
-Melting Pot
-Eishun Sudou
-The People
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