Freaky (Atsushi Degawa Remix)

by Sabamiso

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+++++LINER by Atsushi Degawa+++++
When we were working on the original project in 2008, it was the time of pinnacle of Electro music, as a genre at club / dance music industry. Now, electro is separate from genre, and it becomes an concept which has strong power of influence to various club music… even for music in major industry also. At this situation, I created a remix track of "Freaky" which includes many elements of latest dance music.
Ravey lead synth reminds you "Dominator" by Human Resource, beat which was inspired from Dutch house music, guitar synths from rockin' electro elements, and piano riff was inspired by Swedish house. I never insist this remix track as "a track of post-electro era", it's just a piece of my interpretation as a DJ. Please enjoy this project with other versions that we distribute, and I hope you'll be including the tracks to your DJ-play set-lists.

+++++LINER by Kota Suzuki+++++
Completely new and fresh interpretation in 2011 was produced by Atsushi Degawa, a main director and originator of this re-issue project. It clearly shows the phrase 'edgy'... He did renovate the track by 2011 ways; ravey atmosphere, beats that remind us Dutch ghetto music, strong n' heavy dynamics and compressions. It's apparently, 2011 sound. Atsushi Degawa makes his re-debut by this remix track project. This is not only the re-starting point of the song, but also for him. He has spent over a month to create a final 2ch master for this, never ask anybody helping it, just did it by himself. I can easily imagine that it was a very tough task for him... 'cause he had to master how to organize and mix sounds into 2ch stereo. He's brave enough to achieve the best result - the final master turned out very fine, as you hear. It's so 'stupid / idiot' 'edgy' 'loud' '(sound of) furious man' etc... This is how the song is expressed in 2011.


released December 1, 2011
Original Track by Sabamiso
Remix and Additional Productions by Atsushi Degawa
Creative Directions by Atsushi Degawa and Kota Suzuki

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